Extract email address using Power Automate


today I have another exciting tutorial for you. It is about extracting the email address of the person who triggered the alarm from an email you receive from the Protection Center at O365.

For example (Use Case):

Someone has deleted a report in the Power BI Service. After the person has done this, if you have set an alert, you will receive an email. How this works you can find in a older post here. After that the person who deleted the report will be informed that they should not have deleted the report and will get an email address or number to which they can report it so that the report can be restored.

Now you ask yourself, ok, that I get an email is logical but how can the other person get one without me writing to him directly? Yes, that works! With Power Automate, formerly Microsoft Flow. And how it works I will explain you in 4 simple steps including the requirements you have to fulfill.


Step one:

First of all you need an email which you can use as a template to extract the email address from the mail.

Template Mail from the Protection Center “delete report”

In this template you can see that the email is between the elements user and element. This information is important to use it in the second step in Power Automate.

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